The company are committed to providing our customers with, on time and a competitive cost, a fault free and reliable service.

To achieve this, we continually review and improve our management system and its processes, Measureable objectives are set by the management and it is essential that an effective Quality Assurance system is developed, implemented and constraint improvements made to the system which is able to satisfy BS EN ISO 9001 2015 , BS7858 & BS 7499 and our customers’ requirements.

We understand customer’s needs and expectations continually change, there for we must work closely with current and potential customers to meet these changes in order to offer suitable products/services ahead of our competitions.

The procedures and practices outlined in the Quality Documentation are there for that purpose and to ensure staff understanding of meeting customers, statutory and regulatory requirements.

This is to provide confidence to our customers and there for the implementation of the Quality Policy is mandatory on all our employees.